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We stock a full range of the best car and van tyres. Our tyres are E-marked for the NCT/DOE. Every new tyre we supply is fitted with new rubber snap-in valves for your safety! We can also order in specialist or specific makes / models at your request. If you require any advice on tyre choice please contact us.

Why buying online ends up more expensive

  1. Our tyre prices include fittings, balancing, new valve stems and disposal. All this included and we are still cheaper than buying online.
  2. No waiting up to 3 weeks for delivery.
  3. No awkward visits to tyre centres asking to get your tyres fitted.
  4. We guarantee your tyres from cradle to grave. Do you get the same online???
  5. You're dealing directly with 35 years' experience.
  6. We can advise you on wheel alignment, it is impossible online.
  7. On average buying online works out 35% more expensive.

Do the maths, I guarantee you!


Example saving:

Tyre and Essentials Online McManus Tyres Dundalk
205-55-16 Bridgestone Runflat 91V €122.70 €90.00
Fitments €10.00 Free
Balance €5.00 Free
Disposal €3.44 €3.44
Total cost per tyre €141.14 €93.44

Example saving €47.7 per tyre, saving you almost 200 Euros on a set of 4.

Shane Mc Manus says: Do the maths before you buy online!

Shane Mc Manus

Bridgestone Affiliated Retailer

Bridgestone understands that products are measured solely on your experience, so they make sure that it's one you won't soon forget. Joint partner with Firestone, Bridgestone has proven excellence in tyre design with the Ferrari Formula 1 racing team.

Bridgestone: Passion for Excellence


Bridgestone: Potenza RE050A

Ultra-high performance for sporty drivers

This tyre is fitted on the world's leading sports cars, like the Ferrari Enzo, before they leave the factory. Available also in the replacement market, it is the perfect tyre for sporty, demanding drivers of high-performance compacts, executive saloons and super-sport models.

  • Exceptional handling and cornering at higher speeds
  • Top-level control and safety in the wet
  • Comfortable ride with low noise
Turanza T001

Bridgestone: Turanza T005

Outstanding wet performance and rolling resistance puts drivers in full control.

  • Premiere of Bridgestone Turanza T005 premium touring tyre
  • Developed and produced in Europe to meet drivers’ real needs
  • More than 140 sizes by 2019 for 14’’ to 21’’ rims
Turanza T001

Bridgestone: Turanza T001

Premium touring tyre

The Bridgestone Turanza T001 targets a broad range of vehicles, from mid-sized models and compacts up to large premium sedans, with a line-up covering all popular sizes including larger rim dimensions and higher speed ratings.

  • Improved wet safety and control
  • Comfort of a top touring tyre
  • More efficient motoring

Bridgestone: Turanza ER300

Complete control and quiet comfort. This is Bridgestone's premium touring tyre, designed to complement the engine power and ride comfort of luxury and mid-range touring models. Top-quality handling on wet and dry.

  • Inside area of the tread pattern is specially designed to enhance wet grip
  • Outstanding straight-line stability at higher speeds
  • Runflat version available in certain sizes

Refined and quiet comfort

  • Extremely smooth and comfortable ride, due to the shock-absorbing carcass construction
  • Low noise output at all speeds is optimised by the advanced pattern design
Firestone Roadhawk

Firestone: Roadhawk

Firestone is aiming to shake up the mid-price tyre segment in Europe with the launch of Roadhawk, a tyre built to perform longer and offer drivers best in class wet grip and best in class dry braking.

Roadhawk targets mainstream motorists who drive all types of journeys – urban, highway, commute, school run, shopping – on a daily basis. These drivers want a tyre that gives them long-lasting performance in road conditions where wet weather, heavy traffic, sudden braking and motorway speed are all part of the daily mix. In short, a tyre they can always count on.

Michelin Primacy 3

Michelin: Primacy 4

The Michelin Primacy 4 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars. It is excellent in dry braking , wet braking, and wet cornering. Safe when wet. Safe when worn.

Michelin Primacy

Michelin: Pilot Sport 4

The newly launched Michelin Primacy 4 - safe when new, safe when worn.


Michelin: Agilis

Designed for medium and large vans. Michelin Agilis is homologated on more than 70% of current utility vehicles made by European manufacturers. Has a long life, and superior load bearing capacity and robustness.


BF Goodrich: gForce

A unique mix of components gives the rubber exceptional internal rigidity, increasing the tyre's external flexibility and allowing it to mould itself into rough patches on the roads. With 10% more surface in contact with the ground, g-Force Profiler benefits from extraordinary grip and brings a real increase in sensation on bends..


BF Goodrich: Profiler2

The Profiler2, the latest addition to the BFGoodrich range, has been created specifically for fitting on mass-market vehicles to give expert and demanding consumers control and fun behind the wheel. Profiler2 is a safe, efficient tyre with very appealing performance on the road. Specific feature of Profiler2, the system of "shark tooth" grooves for excellent grip.

Pirelli P Zero Nero GT


A perfect combination between sportive feeling and long lasting performance. Designed for medium / large saloons and sport cars. Enhanced wear resistance, improved handling, stability and safety in both wet and dry conditions. Maintains constant ride comfort and reduced noise level along all tyre life.

Read about the new PZero
Pirelli Cinturato P 7 Blue

Pirelli: Cinturato P 7 Blue

Made for People who care

The hight performance tyre designed for medium to large sedans, offering an unconditional "trade-on" between wet performance and rolling resistance, whilst maintaining high levels of mileage.

The new Cinturanto P 7 aims to achieve the new EU labels' top grades AA in both wet braking and rolling resistance, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and increased safety in the wet.

Recycling and Environment

We are a fully compliant member of Tyre Waste Management Ltd (TWM), as approved by the Minister of the Environment.

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