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We stock a full range of the best tractor tyres and tyres for all agricultural equipment. We can also order in specialist or specific makes / models at your request. McManus Tyres Dundalk are also official Firestone 'Agripoint' Dealers. If you require any advice on tyre choice please contact us.

NEW: Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR Radial Tyre

Bridgestone VT Tractor Dundalk

Introducing the all-new VT-TRACTOR: the flagship of the new range of Bridgestone premium agricultural tyres. Built for today’s most advanced, heavy and sophisticated machines, the VT-TRACTOR sets the highest standards in terms of both performance and protection, helping farmers get the most out of their land today and tomorrow.

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  • Large footprint for low soil compaction
  • Outstanding traction for high productivity
  • Low fuel consumption

Firestone Performer 85 / 70

Performer 70 / 85

Performer is the Firestone NEW generation of 85 and 70 series tyres, used in versatile agricultural conditions. Firestone Performer further improves performance both in the field and on the road:

  • Thanks to the Firestone unique Dual-Angle lug design, Performer delivers superior traction, excellent self-cleaning, and low soil disturbance.
  • The increased crown radius (flat tread) results in an even larger footprint, which in turns leads to less soil compaction, uniform tread wear, and enhanced driver comfort
  • Longer tyre life due to improved compound

With Performer, Firestone further expands the size line up to cover even more tractors.

For technical advice please contact Andrew Dowdall.

Michelin Omnibib

Michelin: Machbib


Ideal for road transport: its large lugs increase service life and its low-rolling resistance rubber mix reduces fuel consumption.

Efficient in the field to transfer the torque of highpowered tractors to the ground.

Fuel savings

4% fuel savings compared with the main market competitor, a fuel savings of 1/4 gal/hr (except without Ad-Blue for a consumption on the road of 6.6 gal/hr).

Exceptional comfort and handling

The swept back 45° lug design delivers an exceptionally smooth ride on the road at up to 40 mph.

Suited to transporting heavy loads.

For technical advice please contact Christopher Eakin.

Michelin Omnibib

Michelin: Xeobib

Limit soil compaction

The MICHELIN Xeobib farm tyre limits soil compaction and optimises the crop yield In the field, the MICHELIN XeoBib reduces soil compaction by distributing pressure over a larger surface, thus effectively reducing rut formation and soil compaction.

  • Tractor tyre pressures of 1 bar maximum
  • Reduces rutting and soil compaction

Constant low pressure

MICHELIN XeoBib tractor tyres function constantly at low pressure regardless of speed (less than one bar of pressure). Farmers benefit from the advantages of a low-pressure tyre and travel efficiently on the road, from one plot of land to another.

Savings in time and fuel

Savings in time and fuel The MICHELIN XeoBib tractor tyre is also more fuel- and time-efficient thanks to less rolling resistance on soft ground, and more traction, allowing farmers to save time and consume less fuel. Field motion resistance reduced by up to 20%. Also features reduced wheel slip.

Handling on the road

On the road, the MICHELIN XeoBib farm tyre significantly reduces vibrations, offering farmers more precision and a more comfortable ride.

  • Safe braking
  • Precise steering
  • Ride comfort

For technical advice please contact Christopher Eakin.

Michelin Omnibib

Michelin: Ominibib

Market reference in terms of long life

  • Long tread lugs

Comfort on the road and in the field

  • Inflation pressures can be set approximately 0.2 bar lower than other 70 series tyres on the market
  • Flexible casing
  • Excellent performance up to 65 km/h – D rating, where authorised by the country legislation

High load capacity for working with front loaders

  • Up to 14% more load capacity than a standard tyre - Compared to Michelin Agribib
  • Robust tread lugs

For technical advice please contact Christopher Eakin.

Michelin Agribib

Michelin: Agribib

Excellent service life

  • The deepest lugs on the market
  • An average 15% deeper

The highest levels of performance throughout its life

  • Tread pattern effectiveness maintained as wear progresses
  • More traction capacity than competitors

For technical advice please contact Christopher Eakin.

Kleber Super Vigne

Kléber: SuperVigne

For technical advice please contact Christopher Eakin.

Kleber Traker

Kléber: Traker

Versatile, general purpose tyre for up to 140HP tractors.

For technical advice please contact Christopher Eakin.

Kleber Fitker

Kléber: Fitker

Low profile, wider tyre for increased capacity and durability for up to 200HP tractors.

For technical advice please contact Christopher Eakin.


Alliance tyres

Established in Israel in 1950, this renowned brand has a strong belief in the principle of Tire Technology in Motion. As a result, in spite of the varied product range of over 1000 specialized items, each product is carefully engineered keeping the latest technology in mind.

Alliance is the market leader in Row Crop and a pioneer in Flotation tires. Alliance also boasts a very comprehensive lineup of tires for tractors, sprayers and spreaders. It offers the widest range in terms of prices, sizes and patterns, which are available for varied applications like industries and machines.

Kleber Super Vigne

Alliance Beefy Baby

The Beefy Baby is the standard bearer of the Galaxy family of skid steer tires. Beefy Baby tires are the most durable and versatile bias ply tires in the Galaxy skid steer range. They have been proven to be the lowest cost per hour R-4 tires in the market. Users, renters, dealers and OEMs have all acknowledged that the Beefy Baby is the beefiest and best performing R-4 design skid steer tire in the world, making it the standard by which all other skid steer tires are measured. This leading market position was earned over many years of service thanks to the Beefy Baby's wear resistant compound, superior tread design, super sidewall and rim shield protector.

Kleber Super Vigne

Alliance 327 Farm Pro

FarmPRO 327 Implement has a soil friendly tread design characterized by central ribs and shoulder lugs. The central ribs together with a wide and flat contact area provide lowest possible soil compaction and damage.

Kleber Super Vigne

Alliance 550 Multiuse

550 MULTIUSE pattern is used in agricultural applications because of its versatile tread design. Specific block tread design enables high performances on snow-covered terrains, as well as on sandy terrains. Basic directional lug design, divided by separated blocks, provides a good grip on soft surfaces. In addition, high number of blocks and rubber to void tread ratio, enables long tread wear life and low rolling resistances during transport operation on hard surfaces. Uniform ground pressure distribution and tread wear are provided by steel belted carcass structure. In addition, steel belts provide the most efficient puncture protection.

Kleber Super Vigne

Alliance 354 Agriflex

The advanced AGRIFLEX+ 354 Very Improved Flexion (VF) is designed to carry same load as standard radial tractor tire but at lower pressure or carry upto 40% more at the same pressure. Together with all the advantages of Alliances standard R-1W radial tractor drive tires these tires allow lower inflation pressure for the same load capacity related to regular Row Crop tires. Stronger lugs than regular Row Crop tires, outstanding traction, excellent self-cleaning characteristics and enhanced lug shape ensure exceptional durability, comfort and a significant reduction of noise while driving on the road. Agriflex+ 354 gives a large tire footprint area for high traction, reduces fuel costs and increases overall operation productivity and best puncture protection and more uniform ground pressure distribution due to its steel belts.

Kleber Super Vigne

Alliance Row Crop 350 Series

Alliance’s Row Crop 350 series answers the growing demand for high quality tires that can support the worldwide trend of increasing tire volumes of modern sprayers and various kinds of advanced agricultural machinery.

Row Crop 350 series offers maximum possible parallel increase in tire volume in order to keep the inflation pressure under an acceptable level. The tires are designed to follow standard inter-row distances and prevent crop root and soil damage. Strong nylon/rayon carcasses and optimal tread patterns ensure efficient work and long life on modern sprayers and agricultural tractors.

The Alliance 350 is the tire of choice for a wide range of original equipment manufacturers catering to the specific needs of row crop agriculture. The A350 is available in more than 40 sizes to cater to a very wide range of applications.

Recycling and Environment

We are a fully compliant member of Tyre Waste Management Ltd (TWM), as approved by the Minister of the Environment.

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